Natural Colored Diamond Cufflinks by Jamie Riley and Roei Kashi

 Natural Colored Diamond Cufflinks - Collaborative design by Jamie Riley and Roei Kashi  
 Photo Credit: Lauryn Byrdy

May 2012 - on a very long flight from Hong Kong to NYC I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful gentlemen by the name of Roei Kashi.  Roei, is the son of diamantaire Moti Kashi, and has had a close acquaintance with the diamond industry ever since his childhood. In addition, he is a software engineer and a Stanford University graduate with a double major in Economics and Industrial Engineering. He has also developed a new kind of software that would serve the diamond community around the clock and around the world.

After several hours of becoming acquainted with my new friend, we discussed our work and passion for beautiful jewelry designs. So here we are with these cufflinks as a symbol of our collaborative efforts and the first of many to come.  

The cufflinks feature 2.69ct of fancy color diamonds, 0.48 carat of white rounds (surrounding), 14.9ct of white 18K gold. 

Photo Credit: Lauryn Byrdy

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