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"Lovely Romance"

dress: Mancini (personal vintage collection)
hat/veil: White Truffle
model: Erin


Oscars 2012 || Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab

Oooh.. the Osacrs! Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab wears this look beautifully... Old Hollywood yet modern.  Her hair matches her dress perfectly. This is by far my favorite look of the night. I have included a a couple more designs by Elie Saab below. xo



Valentine's Day Flowers from Mom || Thank you xoxo

Thank you, Mummy! I love my flowers... they are beautiful! Happy Valentine's Day to all. xoxo


Vintage pink I love you | Inspiration by White Truffle Studio

Happy Monday! The sun is out and the birds are chirping... I can still see a little frost on the grass where the sun misses.  It is currently 32˚  burr...  It is a brisk morning.  The inspiration above is for you. xo
Vintage pink I love you | Inspiration by White Truffle Studio

photo credits here: flowers, cupcake and ring, I love you cufflinks, dress


Hair Styles I Heart | White Truffle Studio

I really enjoy all three hair styles above. I typically, wear my hair in an "illusion bob" like in the 2nd photo above.  It looks stylish- in a messy chic kind of way.. and yet it is super easy to do!
The Side Chignon is another classic favorite. I would wear it any time of the day when working in my studio or a lunch date with the girls.
Finally, the first photo...what I like to call  the "tousled-twirl" It seams effortless..easy breezy if you will.. waiting until my hair is just a bit longer and I will so rock that style all Summer.

Photo Credits: 1st photo, 2nd photo, 3&4 photo